Invest in Healthcare: ROI in More Ways Than One

Clinics have a huge, positive impact on their surrounding communities if they have the proper equipment and facilities. Investment is crucial in order to provide them with the correct tools to create a supportive environment. Good investment can yield benefits in terms of helping society and ROI – that’s why healthcare as an investment opportunity […]

Marc-André Pépin of Invescap Announces Significant Expansion of Clinic Network

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Maintaining our deep-rooted presence in Florida, Invescap has recently entered into several agreements allocating finance to medical clinics based across the region. The use of new technologies generates groundbreaking surgical and medical opportunities in multiple fields. Invescap also intends on diving into more specialized procedures involving spinal surgeries, which we recognize as a rapidly growing […]

A Swiss Manufacturer of Financial Products Is Eyeing Quebec

Marc-André Pépin

Marc-André Pépin is originally from Quebec and currently holds the position of CEO of Swiss-based company Invescap. Invescap intends on establishing its first office to be located in Montreal which will allow them to enter the Canadian market. The company creates, develops and provides European financial products across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 

Invescap Investment Strategy Maintains Top Morningstar Ranking for 5th quarter 

Invescap’s SPI ALL Yields Fund investment strategy has ranked 1# on the Morningstar for the fifth consecutive quarter, in comparison to over 800 mutual funds in the fixed income credit space. A top rating from Morningstar is seen as an important endorsement especially concerning the credibility of a mutual fund. The strategy is a combination […]