private lending and investment company

Founded in 1999 by Dr. Marc-André Pépin, Invescap, a private lending and investment company, has a 25-year track record providing investors with high quality investment solutions. With decades of experience in the finance industry, CEO Dr. Pépin previously held senior level positions across the globe including Vice President at JP Morgan, CEO of Real Value Management and Senior Portfolio Manager for both Clariden-Leu Bank and LGT Capital Management.

Providing financial solutions internationally and ensuring that investor goals are met, Invescap incorporates sustainability, profitability, and diversification into its business model. The three investment solutions work to diversify and optimize investment returns as well as reduce the overall risk of investment portfolios.

Through global partnerships with market specialists, the Switzerland-based private equity company, provides reliable investment opportunities across international markets expertly identifying high quality deals for clients. Invescap’s team of experts monitor current market trends and analyze the economy working to negate risk while identifying new opportunities. Invescap skillfully navigates the markets during an era of globalization in which financing is rapidly evolving, strengthening investor portfolios and culminating in increased returns. As a key financial industry player, Invescap is part of this transformation by offering increased diversification while making safety and reliability its highest priority.


Private debt investments have become increasingly favored throughout the finance world because they provide investors with a reliable income stream. Invescap works with qualified investors, guiding them through their financial decisions to guarantee stock-like returns, providing them world class financial solutions to optimize their profiles.